Troubleshooting the DDS

Experiencing issues with the DDS?

Please read the troubleshooting document which provides answers to previously asked questions and possible solutions to issues that have been reported.

The document can be found on GitHub or downloaded as a PDF.

Read on GitHub Download the PDF 

Did the troubleshooting document not help?

Please go through the following steps:

  1. If the issue is related to the CLI, verify that you have the latest version installed: Open a terminal window, run dds --version and compare the displayed version to the latest one. The latest version can be found at PyPI.
  2. Look at the CLI documentation here.
  3. Read through the sections in the technical overview relevant to your issue and check the topics below for possible solutions.

Does the issue persist and / or the provided information not help?

If you're a data producer , using the DDS for data deliveries to your users: contact the

If you're a data recipient , using the DDS to download your data from a data producing SciLifeLab unit: contact the SciLifeLab unit responsible for delivering the data to you.

Please provide the following information: